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"Joanne is enterprising, strategic and deeply immersed in media and journalism. She knows video, digital and the emerging spaces in between. Joanne is direct, innovative and a lot of fun to have as a collaborator on a project."

Tim Olson

Chief Digital Officer at KQED

"Under deadline pressure, Joanne is the epitome of grace under fire: elegant writer, speedy and inventive fixer, soother of ruffled feathers, all accomplished without ego."

Linda Peckham

Independent documentary editor

"Joanne has terrific news judgment, vision, a great sense of story telling that makes compelling journalism and the ability to stay focused and navigate the various and often competing currents that can jostle a large news operation."

Scott Shafer

Senior Editor, KQED Politics

"Joanne is the most organized, detail-oriented producer I know. She's also a very creative director in the field, and a stickler for shooting video that reinforces a story. Her work is always informative and engaging on many different platforms."

Linda Winslow

Former Executive Producer of PBS NewsHour


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